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Mass Import or Export Content to or from your Streaming Platform

Import Content

Muvi gives you the ability to easily import content and metadata to the platform. Save time and efforts by mass importing your content metadata from any other platform or locally to Muvi with our 1-click data importer wizard.

Export Content

As simple and easy it is to import content, it's equally convenient to export as well using Muvi. No matter what your purpose is, metadata, reports, users, etc. can be exported at the click of a button using the CMS itself. No need to log tickets, contact support or any of our staff. With Muvi, the control to export all your information and data is always at your fingertips.

Support Multiple Formats

Muvi supports multiple file formats when it comes to import and export of your content. CSV, Txt, Excel, and MRSS feeds, Muvi supports it all. So when you are importing from a CSV file and exporting to Excel file everything is seamlessly supported in Muvi.

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