Integrate 3rd-party Analytics Tools

Integrate leading analytics and tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other third-party analytics tools with Muvi One CMS to gain deep insights into user behavior.

Integrate Google or any third-party analytics tools with Muvi One

Google Analytics Integration

Monitor and analyze user interactions on your website or app seamlessly by integrating Google Analytics with Muvi One CMS. Unlock valuable insights into traffic patterns and user engagement, enabling you to refine your strategies and enhance user experience.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Simplify your tag management with Google Tag Manager integration. Update and manage your tags effortlessly without altering the code, simplifying the process and minimizing errors directly within Muvi One CMS.

Integration of Other Tracking Scripts

Improve your data analysis by integrating third-party tracking scripts with Muvi One CMS. Customize and expand your tracking capabilities to fit your business needs, ensuring thorough data collection and insightful analysis.

Track & Analyze Your Streaming Platform Performance

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