Mobile SDK (Android & iOS)

Build native mobile and tablet apps for iOS & Android with Muvi mobile SDKs

Create Customized App Experience

App experience design is a critical component of competitive strength. Using Muvi Mobile SDKs, you can create customized high-quality app experiences to attract and retain your users and deliver impressive performance and UI!

Build App in Multiple Ecosystems

Now, build your app in multiple ecosystems in Android and iOS. Use Muvi Mobile SDK to create high-performing tablet- and smartphone apps to be published on App Store and Google Play.


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Native App

Use Muvi Mobile SDK to build your native Android and iOS App right from the ground up, taking into account all of Google’s defined programming standards and Apple’s standards. Absolutely native!

iOS SDK Airplay Support

Get Airplay support in your iOS app while building your mobile platform with Muvi mobile SDK. Just let your customers flip-up the screen, tap the Airplay button and start mirror streaming on iOS devices instantly, through your Muvi powered iOS app!

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