Multi Currency

Accept payments in multiple currencies or set it up as per geography

Set Up Multiple Currencies

With Muvi One, you can set up multiple currencies; be it US Dollars, Pounds, Yuan, Yen or anything else. Add the required currency and charge your users accordingly. The best part is, there is no limit for the number of currencies you can add.

Charge Users in Local Currencies

With Muvi One, you can charge your users in local currency. Add multiple currencies for regions and countries you want to charge locally in and set up a custom pricing for the subscriptions and packages. Users will be able to pay in their local currency based on their location.

Set a Default Currency

With Muvi One, you can easily set up any one of the currencies as the ‘default currency’ for all your transactions. You can also set up a default currency for users coming in from other regions and continue charging them, without worrying about losing business from these regions!

Supported for all Monetization Models

With Muvi One, you can set up multiple currencies for any Monetization Model. Whichever Monetization method you choose (Subscription Model, PPV and AVOD), you can set up multiple currencies based on your requirements.

Support Multiple Payment Gateways

With local currencies Muvi One also supports hosted and non hosted payment gateways, so you can accept payments from those regions and Muvi One supports this out-of-the-box. You can add multiple payment gateways via which you can accept local currencies in all corners of the world.

Set Up Recurring Charges

With Muvi One, you can continue accepting recurring payments from your users in their local currency. Once your users subscribe to a plan, we'll automatically charge them on the set billing date in local currency to the user.

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