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Multi-Lingual Audio/Video Streaming

By default, Muvi One's website and apps will be in English. However, that doesn't stop you from translating to multiple languages that are preferred by your users. Add multiple languages and also set up a different default language for your platform so that your audience is comfortable accessing and being on your platform.

Export and Import Language Strings

Muvi One gives you an easy-to-use option for exporting language strings. This allows you to download our default text strings in English and translate to multiple languages at once and import them once again, saving you a whole lot of time and effort in manually converting and adding individual languages.

RTL Language Support

Arabic and Hebrew are just two examples of popular RTL language strings and with Muvi One, we support RTL languages and allow you to translate your platform into an RTL-supported platform for the convenience of your audience.


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Multilingual SEO Support

With multilingual support for web content, comes the challenge of multilingual SEO. Well, not anymore! We take care of your site’s multi-language SEO i.e. language codes in URL, update the sitemap, page meta information in the respective language, auto-redirection, etc.

Translate Custom Metadata Values

The Muvi One platform enables all values in the custom metadata fields in order to translate to multiple languages. Offering more elements in a native language helps in better user engagement on your platform.


The Muvi One platform supports location-based language translation on your platform. When a user logs in from a certain geographic location, the website/app content gets translated and is available in the regional language.

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