Billing Engine

Automate recurring billing, manage subscriptions & deliver custom invoices for your customers across the globe

Create Subscription Plans

Subscription is the most commonly used monetization model. Create your own subscription packages and start billing your customers as per the frequency you set. Control what product or service offerings go in subscription and what goes in any other format of monetization you enable on-site. With Muvi Billing, you can also choose to offer a Free Trial ranging from a few hours to a few days/months.

Automate Billing Workflows

To reap the benefits of subscription billing, you need to automate workflows, including payment collection, invoicing, and revenue recognition, based on the individual subscribers. The billing module helps you improve billing accuracy and increase billing efficiency across the board by converting your manual processes into automated workflows.

Assign Plan to User

Admins can assign subscription plans or PPV to the users directly from Muvi One CMS. Seamlessly view and manage the list of active plans associated with each user, enhancing administrative control and user management capabilities while eliminating the need for manual API interactions.

Multiple Payment Options

While running a subscription business it is important that you offer multiple payment options for your customers to choose from. We offer 17+ payment gateways that allow you to accept payments with credit cards, debit cards, ACH, carrier billing, digital wallets from anywhere in the world. You can also integrate your preferred payment gateway or even integrate your own, out-of-the-box and accept payments in local currencies across the world.

Configure Currency & Taxes

Effortlessly configure currency & tax rules tailored to each country and/or state. Muvi automatically calculates and applies the correct tax amount to the final invoice based on the user’s location, ensuring compliance with local tax laws.

Analyze Billing Performance

Analyzing subscription billing performance is important to know to correct any issues which may hinder your growth. With our comprehensive billing analytics, you can go beyond the basics of MRR and drill down into other metrics like Average Revenue Per Subscription, Lifetime Value, revenue for specific regions, customer segments, payment gateways, etc. Collate the actionable insights at one tap before turning them into lucrative sales proposals.

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