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HTML5 Player – Cross Browser & Cross-Device Compatible

DRM Protection

Online piracy has affected many in our industry. Muvi provides an option for you to enable DRM on selected or all contents, specializing in Audio and Video encryption of digital content during transfer between server and client’s computer ensuring a complete security environment from hackers, as well as from 3rd party plugins and video download softwares.

Add your own Brand Logo & Watermark

Muvi One's white-label online video player is unique as it allows you to display your logo on the video player. It’s your site. Your platform. Not just that, our HTML5-based online video player allows you to add Dynamic Watermark on your videos like Viewers’ Email Address, IP Address, or Date, which discourages viewers from using screen capture tools or using a camera to record your videos.


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  • DRM Protection
  • Add Logos & Water Marks
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Cross Device & Cross Browser Compatibility

Muvi One’s Online Video Player is auto-scalable and can be adapted to fit any size of screen from Smart TV’s to Mobile Phones. With Cross-Browser Compatibility, Muvi One removes the headache of downloading 3rd party plugins or software provider for your viewers to view a video from your site! Just Click, Play, and Experience the best video player!

Resume Playback & Playback Speed Control

Muvi One’s Online Video Player supports continuous playback across different platforms and devices allowing a viewer to Resume Playback of any video on any device, from where they left. The Video Player also allows your users to increase or slow down the playback at convenience.

Subtitle Support

Allow your viewers to watch any foreign content with the preferred subtitle. Muvi One provides multi-language subtitle support during both live playback and offline viewing. Also, set up and modify the appearance of subtitles on the video player like font, color, and size.

Picture in Picture Support

Muvi One’s Online Video Player supports a Picture-in-picture feature that enables your end-users to watch video content in a floating window. With PIP, end-users can multitask over their device while simultaneously streaming your content.

Embed Player

Embed your videos or share the embed link with any 3rd party website or mobile or TV apps to increase your revenues! Muvi One provides an easy-to-use embed code option which can not only be shared with your partners but also be restricted from sharing it with others without your knowledge by entering their domain in the restrict embed code option.

VMAP, VAST & VPAID Tag to Support AVOD

Muvi One’s HTML5 video player is completely customizable and is packed with a lot of features including VMAP, VAST, and VPAID compatibility to support the AVOD Monetization method. You just have to simply log in to the Muvi One dashboard and add the necessary VMAP, VAST, or VPAID tags over a simple form. That’s it!

Video playback via mobile browser for DRM contents

Now let your users play DRM protected content on mobile browsers using Muvi One’s feature-rich MP4 video player. Resume watching, subtitle support, and video logs - all included in the best video player! Muvi's white label online video player also provides you with multiple video cards meant to cross-promote another video, associated channel or website, conduct an instant poll and more.

Gesture Controllable Online Video Player

Enthrall your users with the most advanced player that includes a mobile-friendly, touch-optimized user interface. With a clear emphasis on multitasking, gesture control notably eases the way your user interacts with the device leading to the superior user experience.

Insert Ads

Generate extra revenue by inserting ads in the videos with an option to run single or multiple ads at predefined time stamps to maximize your revenue. Insert VAST or VPAID tags to set up ad monetization at scale and increase your earnings.

Encoding Profiles

Have the freedom to select the encoding profiles you need to provide your viewers with the video quality they require for the devices of their choice. Choose the right encoding resolutions to save costs on bandwidth, storage, and DRM. For. Ex. If your platform is only available on tv then you can choose to have 1080p and 4K resolutions only.

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