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Own Domain

Picture the excellence of selecting a domain name and branding your platform with your preferred name (www.yourbrandname.com) instead of relying on a third-party platform where your brand is always secondary (xyz.com/yourbrand). Muvi One empowers you to establish and choose your domain, prioritizing your brand name and fostering a stronger connection with your viewers.

Manage Your Brand

With Muvi One, you gain full control over your brand identity. Customize your domain name and website to reflect your brand's image and values. Take charge of brand design, monetization strategies, payment processes, and overall platform functionality to enhance visibility and drive better financial outcomes.


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Whitelabel Platform

Muvi One empowers you to establish your domain and operate a fully white-label platform for streaming live or on-demand videos and audio, free from any reference to our brand or logo. This ensures consistent branding, fostering trust and loyalty among customers. Muvi One integrates seamlessly with all your accounts, ensuring your brand gains visibility while Muvi One handles the IT aspects. Select your domain name and expand your brand without constraints

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