Pay-Per-View (PPV) / TVOD

Monetize your content on Pay-per-view / Transactional VOD / Rental model

PPV for Single & Multi-Part Content

Muvi One’s PPV Model offers you an option to sell both single content (E.g. Movies, Music tracks) or a set of multiple part content (e.g. TV Shows, Series, Podcasts, etc) to your audience. For each piece of content you offer, Muvi One allows you to provide a differential pricing strategy.

Create PPV Bundles

Muvi One makes selling videos online easy by enabling the creation of PPV bundles. PPV Bundle allows platform owners to offer Bundled Content to their viewers. You can also keep the PPV bundle private, which enables you to hide the bundle from your regular bundles available on your platform.

Enable Pre-Ordering for PPV Live Streaming

You can monetize your live streaming by enabling Pre-order with Muvi One’s advance purchase feature. This enables your audience to pre-order your upcoming content before it is live. You can set up differential pricing for pre-order and automatically alert the buyers when the content is available to be accessed.

Setup PPV Restrictions

You can set a time restriction for your Video & Audio Library under PPV for “x” hours/days (or months) as decided by you and monetize the content. Muvi One also offers you to restrict multiple user access for content which prevents account sharing from one User ID. This is a great way to control password sharing which is a normal trend!

Multiple PPV Plans & Categories

While creating content for PPV streaming, you can configure multiple categories for the same content and sell videos online at multiple prices. For example, you may offer a content at $1 to consume in HD and at $2 for the same content in 4K HDR.

Set variable fees

Muvi One understands all your needs to sell videos online. With Muvi One, you can choose to provide different pricing to your existing subscribers, so that they can enjoy the PPV content at a much lesser price, giving them an upper-hand over Non-Subscribers.

Multi-Currency & Payment Gateway

Muvi One supports Multi-currency & Multiple payment gateways offering your audience a chance to pay with local currencies. You can target a worldwide audience for your PPV content & events, and charge the visitor based on their location; either in USD, GBP, Euro or your local currency with variable pricing for each currency.

No Revenue Sharing

You get everything with Muvi One’s audio/video streaming platform with zero revenue sharing. All your PPV revenues are directly linked to your bank account and Muvi One has no intervention towards it whatsoever.

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