Paystack Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate Muvi One with Paystack to expand your streaming platform's reach into African region.

Paystack Payment Gateway Integration_

Hosted Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate Paystack as your hosted payment gateway to unlock the potential of accepting payments directly from end-users in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. This integration is designed to provide a seamless payment experience, ensuring your business maintains connectivity with customers, both locally and internationally.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Collect one-time payments through various methods including Card, Bank Transfer, Bank Authentication, and USSD. Establish a loyal customer base across African regions with the option of recurring payments via card. This versatility ensures maximum convenience for your users in every transaction.

PPV Monetization Support

Paystack supports Pay-Per-View (PPV) transactions, including options for PPV bundles and pre-orders. This feature enables you to monetize exclusive content effectively, creating an additional revenue stream and offering users a wide range of viewing choices.