Built-In Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your Android and iOS apps built with Muvi, using the built-in push notification system.

Custom Push Notifications

Send Push Notification to Android & iOS App Users in One Click!


For Android devices, Muvi's push notification system ensures seamless and reliable delivery of notifications, leveraging the latest Android APIs and push services.

Android Push


Push notifications for iOS apps are delivered efficiently through Muvi's integration with Apple Push Notification Service (APNs), providing a native and optimized experience for iOS users.


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  • Deep Linking
  • Event-Based Push Notifications
  • Android & iOS Compatibility
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Deep Linking

When users click on the push notification, direct them to the home page or a specific content page relevant to the notification. This allows users to quickly access the content or information they need, enhancing the user experience and engagement.

  • Direct user to the home page
  • Direct users to a specific content

  • Event-Based Push Notifications

    Automate push notification with event-based push notification for certain events like Welcome, forgot password reset code and more.

    Customize these event-based push notifications for a more personalized touch with the user’s name and more.

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