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Simplify registration & login for your users with user-friendly options.

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Email Verification

Muvi allows you to enhance account security by offering both single-factor and multi-factor authentication options for your login page. This ensures robust verification of user legitimacy, with support for email verification on registered user IDs.

One Time Password (OTP) Authentication

Muvi enables you to allow users to login and register via OTP with the same level of security as financial transactions. Committed to transparency and secure authentication, Muvi allows you to send a One Time Password (OTP) to users during registration & sign-in, effectively preventing unauthorized access and enhancing platform security and experience.

Enable/Disable Login

Leverage the flexibility to control OTT login permissions, enabling them to selectively grant or restrict access for specific users. Additionally, they can implement features like child locks and guest user restrictions to effectively manage and regulate account usage.


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Social Media Authenticator

Muvi enhances the user experience by offering a streamlined one-click login feature on its sign-in page. This functionality is powered by integrating with trusted providers like Google and Facebook Authenticator. By leveraging this feature, users can bypass the often tedious process of filling out multiple fields and instead conveniently use their existing social network credentials for a swift and secure sign-in.

Free Content

Set up a registration form for accessing free content, allowing even non-subscribers to enjoy select ad-supported offerings. This approach not only broadens your audience reach but also enables you to collect valuable user data through mandatory sign-up fields.

Add Custom Fields

Customize the registration form by adding custom fields. This option is ideal if standard fields don't fully meet your needs for verifying consumer authenticity. You can include additional details like Social Security Numbers, security questions, and more, tailoring the process to your specific requirements.

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