Revenue Analytics

Gain In-Depth revenue insights, and enhance content strategy for revenue-centric decision-making.


In-Depth Analysis with Advanced Filters

Filter data based on currency, country, subscription type, platform, and payment mode to conduct a focused analysis. This approach aids in understanding revenue trends and enables precise, data-driven decisions. It helps in optimizing content and marketing strategies, ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI).

Export Revenue Data

Export revenue data in CSV or XLSX formats for comprehensive analysis. This functionality facilitates data analysis using external tools and simplifies data sharing among team members, ensuring everyone stays informed with the latest revenue insights.

Instant Revenue Overview

Obtain an instant overview of your revenue with easy-to-understand graphical representations, providing a comprehensive snapshot of revenue trends. This enables you to quickly identify patterns and trends, allowing for prompt and necessary actions.


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View and Download Invoices

View and download invoices, ensuring efficient record-keeping and simplified financial tracking. Get quick access to important billing documents, enhancing transparency and aiding in accurate financial reporting.

Unified Revenue Analytics for All Stakeholders

With Muvi One Revenue Analytics, centralize stakeholder collaboration and unite creative, marketing, and finance teams. This enables consistent access to the latest revenue data, ensuring strategic alignment and informed decision-making.

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