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Built-In SEO tools for faster go-to-market

100% Native App

Achieve a 100% Native App experience effortlessly with Muvi One. Your developers can seamlessly download Muvi One's SDK from the app marketplace, enabling them to construct a native app tailored to your streaming platform. Once created, you can swiftly publish the app for your end users to install and commence streaming immediately.

Built-in SEO Tools with Metadata Management

Optimizing your SEO strategy requires attention to detail, including Title and Meta Description implementation. H1 tags are vital for organic traffic targeting in streaming services. With Muvi One's integrated SEO tools, managing Metadata such as Title, Meta Description, H1 tags, and Image Alt texts becomes effortless, offering you complete control over your optimization efforts.

Make Your Platform SEO Mobile-Friendly

It is a plus factor if you have a platform that is easy to view and use on a mobile screen. Muvi One websites are specifically designed to work on mobile, for seamless content streaming. With the help of Muvi One's built-in SEO tools, search engines can detect your mobile site and perform proper indexing for an extra boost on your site ranking.

Google Analytics and Search Console Integration

Muvi One comes with easy to setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration. This helps you track and optimize your website for better Google Optimization as well as helps you track your site visitors, sources they come from as well as help you optimize your marketing campaigns and identify the highest possible ROI drivers to your site.


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Search Friendly URLs

At default settings, all your site URLs are search-friendly. Dynamic URLs are absent across your platform to ensure compliance with standards and enhance user experience.

Promote Website Security with SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate has become a key to better SEO and better rankings on Google, which is why your site comes ready with a SSL certificate. This not only adds an extra layer of trust & security for your customers, but also sends a signal to search engines like Google that you are a trusted and verified source and your site is safe to use.

XML Sitemap & Robots.txt File

Sitemaps allow search engines to crawl every page of your website and also send them a signal when you add a new page or update an existing one. A oRbots.txt file is essential for any website as it helps control what pages a search engine is allowed to crawl and index and what is to be blocked. Muvi One will automatically provide you with a XML Sitemap and handle Robots.txt for your website.