Skip Intro

Enable End-users to Skip Intro

Customize Skip Button Behavior

Muvi lets you manage and control the behavior of the skip intro button for your video content.

Step 1 - Click on the ‘Manage Skip Intro’ button displayed next to your video content

Step 2 - Specify the Start and End time for the Skip Intro button

Manage from the CMS

With Muvi, you can easily enable the Skip Intro feature for any video content directly from the CMS. Muvi’s dashboard lets you add a Skip Intro button on the video content that you select. Just navigate to the Player in the Settings and click on Skip Intro for your selected video content.

Supported across Platforms and Devices

Muvi lets you enable the Skip Intro button across websites and Apps. You can add skippable intros for your video content across popular platforms such as Android and iOS. Muvi also supports Skip Intro feature across popular TV platforms such as Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV and more.