Subtitles & Captions

Add subtitles and captions to your Video Content.

Supports Multiple Languages for the Subtitles

Add as many subtitles as you want for a video or audio content in any language. Muvi One supports multiple languages for the subtitles and accommodates it all so that your user can choose the desired subtitle in a matter of seconds.

Set Default Subtitle

Muvi One allows your users to set their default subtitle. So, they don’t have to choose their preferred one from the list again and again. Also, you can set a default subtitle for content specific to geography, for example, a German whenever plays your content the default caption would be in German.

Support for SRT and VTT Formats

Add subtitles and captions to the video cloud in SRT or VTT format and Muvi One’s powerful HTML5 video player will automatically pick captions when it loads the video. All your users need to do is click on the CC button and pick their preferred subtitles.

Bulk Upload Subtitles via SFTP

Upload subtitles in bulk securely using SFTP and it will map the subtitles to corresponding videos on its own with zero possibilities of overlapping. What follows is a hassle-free and connected streaming experience.

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