Video Cards

Make Your Videos Interactive & Drive 35% more clicks.

Conduct Polls

Poll your audience on how they feel about your videos and what do they want to watch on your channel, right during playback. Unlock video cards meant for instant polling and get the audience’s response on the fly! Don’t forget to track the results and related insights on powerful video analytics.

Customized Video Cards

Get customized cards to suit your promotional needs. Muvi One provides you with multiple video cards meant to cross-promote another video, associated channel or website, conduct an instant poll and more.

Works on All Devices

Users can respond to video cards on the web, iOS, & Android devices easily in both portrait and landscape mode. Just enable it from your CMS, fill up the fields, upload an image for the link and you're all set!

Increase User Engagement

Thrive on the curiosity of your audience. It always pays off. Video cards let you curate user-specific recommendations, targeted advertising all by yourself with no coding knowledge whatsoever. Drive optimal user engagement possible with every video playback.

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