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Video CMS

Single CMS

With Muvi One’s powerful CMS, it is absolutely easy to manage all your Apps and content in a single video CMS, without worrying about multiple logins and multiple dashboards management. Muvi One, the best video CMS, enables you to manage multi-format content across audio, video, and physical goods all in a single unified place.

Bulk Content Import

You can build a content library as large as you want on the Muvi One platform. The platform lets you import video and audio files with similar metadata in bulk, from CSV files. This speeds up your content addition procedure and eases content management. So, you can create a library and get going in no time.

Web Page Management

Muvi One CMS lets you design, display, and manage complex static pages for your content and for capturing consumer information by simply using a drag-and-drop function in a single enriched dashboard.

Bulk Bandwidth Purchase

Admins can purchase the bulk bandwidth from the CMS and can also see the total bandwidth balance. Currently, the bulk purchase slabs are available for 100 TB,1000 TB, 2000 TB and 5000 TB.


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  • Link Related Content
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Schedule Content Release

With Muvi One CMS you can schedule a content release for a later time and date. You can not only schedule single-part content but also multipart content in both parent and child formats. So, it does not matter if you are busy in a meeting, flying, or having a sound sleep; the platform will publish the content at your intended time.

Link Related Content

On Muvi One, you can link related content, irrespective of the format. Muvi One, being a hybrid platform lets you offer audio or video content and relate them together. You can link a TV series to its music album on the same page. This opens a broader opportunity window to increase views and drive more revenue.

Revenue & Security Management

Muvi One CMS provides capabilities for managing your user subscriptions & PPV pricing plans. You can configure your choice of revenue model from subscription, transactional, and ad-supported plans, create bundles, and manage them all in one place.

Not just that, Muvi One provides you full control of your content along with access to various security measures inside your dashboard, like watermarking and built-in DRM so you can ensure the complete security of your platform and manage secure integrations.

Online Video Player Management

Muvi One CMS includes all the capabilities you need to manage your media players. Customize your player - add your brand colors, show the logo on the player, allow users to skip the intro, or set auto-play and speed. You get every control to provide the best experience to your viewer.

Analytics and Reporting

Muvi One CMS is enriched with various analytical abilities so that you can track the performance of your content and channels across all platforms. You can access every insight in one place and improve your strategy with the help of Muvi One’s comprehensive reports.

Content & Metadata Management

Muvi One CMS has a list of pre-set metadata information powering internal search, better discoverability, and relevant results so that your users can find anything and everything on your platform and search engines. Muvi One is ranked as the best CMS for video websites.

Muvi One provides the best video streaming CMS for managing all your video and audio content in one place, across all devices and platforms. You can add, edit, delete, search, and create playlists.


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  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Content & Metadata Management
  • CMS Notification Center
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People Management

Muvi One CMS allows you to manage all people associated with each of your content such as cast, crew, artists, singers, composers, performers, makers, endorsers, influencers, etc. You can add bios and summaries along with their filmography or discography. Muvi One's video CMS even allows you to add Cast & Crew Metadata.

Edit option in End-user Invoice

Business invoices are no more boring! Tax information, additional service description, your business motto, or whatever you feel like adding, you can add easily to your invoice by using the Muvi One invoice editor. Ink your creativity on your customer invoices and make a statement while billing your end-users.

Automatic Detection of Language Based on IP

Muvi One platform tracks the IP address of your subscriber’s device and geographic location at one go. The feature automatically changes the language based on the subscriber’s country without requiring any manual intervention. Also, you can set a default language per country in Muvi One's video content management system.

CMS Notification Center

Now get readily notified about all the product releases, bug fixes, and enhancements on your white-labeled platform with the help of a dedicated notification center in the CMS. All in one place.

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