Video Security

Safeguard your video content against piracy and misuse with Muvi One. Protect your intellectual property and revenues.

Safeguard Your Video Content with Watermarking

Dynamic Watermarking

Muvi One's watermarking feature enables you to embed non-removable visible watermarks, such as email IDs, dates, and IP addresses of users, onto your content during playback in either static or dynamic form.

Forensic Watermarking

Forensic Watermarking

Automatically add unremovable and non-visual codes into video content files with Muvi One's forensic watermarking, allowing you to trace leaks back to the source and ensure content security and accountability.

Forensic Watermarking


With Muvi’s multi-DRM, you can securely subject your streaming service for subscription, video rental, lease, purchase & download without any security concerns.

Muvi supports license management for multiple DRMs such as Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady for major web, browsers and mobile OS.

Muvi's Multi-DRM Security Architecture

Multi- DRM

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  • Multi-DRM
  • Watermarking
  • Allow Embed Player on specific domains
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Restrict Simultaneous Streaming Devices

You can place a limit on the number of devices that a single user can use to access the platform. You can restrict the number of mobile or TV devices on which your users can log in. Muvi One platform will recognize and authenticate only as many devices as you specify.

Embed Player on Specific Domains

By enabling the "Allow Embed Player on Specific Domains" , you can allow only specific websites (Domains) to embed your video/audio content, and allow the users to play your content hosted on Muvi One on that specific website via the Embed Player link.


With geo-blocking, you can block your entire website or apps in any specific country or region instantly, and change this setting instantly anytime. Users in region out of your whitelist will not be able to access content from your platform or app.

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