Watch Party

Allow subscribers to enjoy their favorite content together with friends & family, no matter where they are.

This Feature is in Beta Version*

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Synced Playback

With everyone's video playback synchronized. Everyone can watch the same content at the exact same time, eliminating delays or discrepancies. Synced playback ensures a unified viewing experience, fostering a sense of togetherness and enhancing the overall experience of your users, regardless of physical distance.

Live Chat

Foster engagement by enabling users to discuss, react, and connect in real-time while enjoying their favorite content, thus transforming passive viewing into a dynamic, interactive experience. Allow users to share insights, laughter, and emotions, creating an atmosphere as if they were together in the same room.

Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Enhance user interaction by enabling them to create quizzes and polls in the chat, adding a fun and engaging layer to the viewing experience. Add an entertaining twist, making each session more than just a viewing party but a lively and interactive event.


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  • Enable Users to Watch Content Together
  • Foster engagement via Live Chat
  • Create an Online Community for Users to connect over your content. 
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Virtual Reactions

Amplify user emotions by providing a range of emojis and live reaction capture tools, making content consumption more expressive and enjoyable. Enrich the viewing experience by allowing users to share their feelings in real-time, adding a fun, interactive dimension.

Scene Sharing

Enable users to share their favorite moments from the shows with friends and on social media, driving organic growth and content popularity for your content.

Community Boards

Strengthen platform loyalty with community boards. Encourage user discussions, content recommendations, and connections, thus fostering a robust and engaged platform community.

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