Dynamic Watermarking

Muvi One's dynamic watermarking feature enables you to embed non-removable watermark content such as Email ID, Date, and IP Addresses of users onto your content during playback. With an intuitive interface, you can easily stamp personalized watermarks on any content from your library.

Display Email Address & IP Addresses

Display Email Address & IP Addresses over the content along with your logo to deter pirates. This discreetly moving user information during playback automatically discourages pirates from using screen capture tools or cameras to record and distribute your content offline, as it exposes their identity.


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  • Dynamic Watermarking 
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Avoid Screen Capture and Camera Recording

Prevent screen capture and camera recording with Muvi One, which continually fortifies defenses against online theft. By displaying overlaid watermarks, users are deterred from recording streamed content.

Forensic Watermarking

Muvi One’s DRM employs Forensic Watermarking for premium content protection. Embed secret codes into your video and audio content to accurately trace any leaks to their source.

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