Muvi + Zapier

Integrate with CRM, Email Clients, Databases and Billing Systems for effortless automation.


Trigger-Based Workflows

Zaps are workflows that connect multiple apps, so they can work together. Zaps initiate workflows based on triggers – specific events in your apps that set off a series of automated actions. This automation happens smoothly in the background, ensuring your operations run without interruption.

User Triggers

Registration: Automatically manage new user registrations, integrating them with your CRM and email marketing tools.

Update: Seamlessly update user information across platforms, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

Deletion: Handle user deletions efficiently, maintaining data integrity and compliance with privacy regulations.

Content Triggers

New Content: Trigger workflows when new content is added, from promotional activities to updating content libraries across platforms.

Update: Trigger workflows when you add a new episode or new part of a series.

Deletion: Manage content removal processes smoothly, ensuring a consistent viewing experience across all channels.


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User Management

Leverage powerful automation for seamlessly importing and exporting user data between Muvi and your CRM. Sync user interactions, form submissions, email lists, and newsletter sign-ups automatically for enhanced user profiling.

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Monitoring

Integrate sophisticated SLA tracking mechanisms. Employ triggers in your ticketing system to monitor productivity and SLA compliance, ensuring top-tier service quality.

Post Content to WordPress Site

Utilize Muvi's Media Connect plugin for WordPress, orchestrating triggers to sync your WordPress site with new videos or audio from Muvi, enhancing content visibility and accessibility.

Organize & Share Content Automatically

Streamline content archiving and promotional workflows. Utilize automated triggers for strategic cross-channel content sharing, boosting engagement and audience reach.

Instant Subscriber Engagement

Employ automated notifications to keep your audience informed and excited about new content releases, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.

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