Quick Customization & Updates

These tasks are generally completed in less a day and encompass a range of high-level improvements and customizations.

Code snippet or plugin integration

Muvi One helps you integrate the small plugins or code snippets in your application so that you can better track or add customized things to their applications. Some examples of such customization are.

    1. 1. Integrating JS tracking code e.g. GA, Facebook pixel, MS Clarity, etc.
    2. 2. Onetrust Cookie popup 
    3. 3. Integrating plugins like Slider, JS effect, JS highlighter, etc. 
    4. 4. Integrating chats like Zopim, Live Chat, Zendesk, etc. 
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Configuring features that are not available in CMS UI

Since Muvi One is a feature rich platform so it’s not possible to make everything available in the CMS UI (Content Management System), Our product team makes a conscious decision on feature availability in the CMS, so we have few features that are hidden and can be configured based on your request.

    1. 1. Removing or Adding content access.
      2. Extending the billing cycle of the end user.
      3. Generating access-based API authToken e.g.
    2. 4. Creating an API key for all read APIs only.
      5. Whitelist IP for bypass passcode or coming soon page.
      6. Whitelist IP for Geoblock testing
      7. Payment success redirection.
      8. Adding custom ad macros
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Small BYOD changes

BYOD means you can bring your own design. In this option, you have the flexibility to bring your front-end template that can be configured with Muvi One CMS. In BYOD configuration you might need our help in doing small changes to layout, representation & UX. These changes can be d with a quick effort from the CS team. Few examples are

    1. 1. Menu restructuring & customization
      2. Contact Us page customization
                     i. Changing the layout of the page
                    ii. Updating the contact details information on the page.
      5. Widget-based customization on the Landing page.
      6. Representation of custom metadata in content details or listing page.
      7. Adding video widgets on any specific page.
      8. Customizing user profile page & plans page
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Generating Custom Reports

Custom reports in Muvi One empower content owners and administrators to gain valuable insights into various aspects of their streaming platform's performance and user behavior. With this feature, users can request personalized reports that are tailored to their specific requirements, providing a comprehensive view of crucial data and analytics.

    1. 1. Generating custom user, content reports.
      2. Custom Content Partner
      3. Platform Health Monitoring Report
      4. Revenue Analytics
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Creating Custom Pages

In Muvi One CMS we offer a facility to create custom static pages, however, there are some custom pages where you may require the Muvi One team’s help to make it interactive.

    1. 1. Creating a custom FAQ page
    2. 2. Create a custom pricing Page
      3. Create new static pages and include plan information / FAQ information.
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Providing Seamless Technical Solutions & Support

At times, you may encounter technical limitations that you may not be aware of and turn to our Support Team for assistance. We are here to enhance your overall experience by addressing these challenges.

    1. 1. We specialize in optimizing S3 configurations to facilitate faster assets upload.
      2. Additionally, we can analyze HLS feeds to identify and rectify issues causing them not to function correctly.
      3. We offer expert assistance in encoding large video files exceeding 60GB in size.
      4. Our team also excels in conducting thorough technical analysis of your media files, ensuring your platform is upto speed quickly and efficiently.

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Request a Free Consultation

You can request a free consultation with our platform experts. Our platform experts will understand your use case/requirement and provide a solution accordingly.