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Multiple Payment Gateway

Link your own Payment Gateway!

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Muvi comes with out-of-box integration with leading payment gateways from across the world like Adyen, Stripe, PayPal,, FirstData, InstaFeez, WorldPay, Braintree, Paygate, PayU, CorvusPay etc… with one-click setup and launch, your payment gateway will be up and running in no time!

Don’t see a payment gateway you like? No worries, you can request us to integrate with any payment gateway of your choice, and we will do the needful, be it operator / carrier billing to accepting payments in bitcoins, whatever mode you want we can do the same.

You can also setup multiple payment gateways to deal with multi-geography audience as well as multiple payment modes along with multi-currency setup, making your platform truly universal in terms of accepting payments for your content.

Since Muvi integrates with your payment gateway account, which is further linked directly to your bank account, you keep 100% of all your revenues without sharing a dime with Muvi. There is no rev share, with anyone. This is the primary reason why video content owners are using Muvi to sell their videos online.

Transaction and data security is our top priority and we’ve a ton of enterprise grade security features to ensure data security & privacy when it comes to accepting payments on your platform.

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  • Link Your Own Payment Gateway
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • No Revenue Share
  • Supports Local Currencies
  • Fully Safe & Secure
  • Setup Multiple Payment Gateways
  • PCI Compliance

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Out of box integrations!

Muvi comes integrated with Adyen, Stripe,, First Data, PayPal, Instafeez, PayGate, BrainTree and WorldPay as default Payment Gateways to help you go live in a matter of few hours. A payment gateway can either be integrated on Muvi's page, or on a hosted page from the gateway's domain. You choose to change your payment gateway & in just 1-Click your Payment Gateway will be live!

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Your own Payment Gateway

It is easy to request a custom payment gateway integration - Muvi supports everything from standard online credit card payment gateways to Mobile Enabled Payment gateways like M-Pesa or IdeaBiz. You can even integrate Bitcoins if you feel like! If there are tech support & Valid documents available for your choice of payment gateway, Muvi will be able to link the gateway to your platform.

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Your Own Bank Account

No Matter what you prefer as your default payment gateway option for the platform, everything will be linked directly to your accounts. Muvi takes no claim in the revenue made through your platform. This means you do not pay any transaction charges to Muvi or anyone for that matter and there is no time delay in transferring payments to you.

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Multiple Payment Gateways

With Muvi, you can even integrate Multiple Payment Gateways for accepting payments globally and via various modes. You can set any payment gateway as your Primary transaction medium and add multiple gateways for your users to choose their preferred option for transaction.

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Local Currencies

With Muvi, you get the flexibility to bill your users in the currency you want to whether it be US Dollars to Pounds, from Yuan to Yen. You can also accept payments of Local currencies from your country or even accept BitCoins as your mode of payment. We help you with everything!


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Recurring Charges

Muvi enables you to automatically charge your users removing the headache of manual intervention. Once you have a subscribed user, the payment is automatically charged to them depending upon the plan they have subscribed.

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Discounts and Coupons

Run Promotions in terms of discount & coupons and offer your visitors an option to pay entirely via coupons or get discounts at the time of checkout, Muvi Payment Gateway takes care of your marketing needs as well, out-of-the-box!


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SEPA Integration

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SEPA Integration

With Muvi, you can even accept direct bank transfers with the integration of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) within our platform. With SEPA, your European customers & viewers can leverage direct bank transfers to make transactions on the platform simpler, faster and easier.

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IP Payment Gateway

The Muvi platform also supports PCI level 1 compliant payment gateway called IP Payments. This is an award-winning payment service majorly used in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. So users from this part of the world can make more advanced and secure payments.

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PCI Compliance

Muvi platform is a PCI compliant host, and therefore all user card information stays completely secure. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the industry benchmark for any site which hosts online payments through cards, and the guidelines mandate multi-layer defense, encrypted data transmission, and data protection architecture to ensure a secure payment procedure. Being PCI compliant, Muvi protects card authorization, user authentication, card data storage, card data transmission, and user passwords.

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Carrier Billing

Carrier Billing

Relieve your customers from the tiresome credit card payments. Bill your customers using their mobile operators. Muvi’s two-step authentication process and SMS confirmation alerts keep your customers transactional worries at bay. And the icing on the cake is you can integrate Muvi with any telecom provider of your choice across geography. Muvi currently includes M-Pesa and IdeaBiz as carrier billing gateway.

carrier billing

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