Drag & Drop Scheduler

Simple drag & drop interface to schedule programs on FAST and Linear TV Channels

Banner-Drag and Drop Scheduler

Streamlined Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule programs with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, reducing manual efforts. Drag and drop scheduler is designed for simplicity, ensuring anyone can use it without technical expertise

Dynamic Gap Management

Efficiently handle empty slots in your schedule, repurpose them for future content or ads, enhancing flexibility.

Engaging Filler Media

Captivate your audience during intervals by setting preferred videos or audio as default fillers. Seamlessly insert promos to bridge gaps between programs and maintain viewer engagement.

Repeating Events

Effortlessly schedule your content to repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis until a specified date. Streamline scheduling process and save valuable time.


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Millisecond Precision

Elevate content management with HH:MM:SS.sss timecode format for unparalleled accuracy. Schedule content with millisecond precision, eliminating black screens and enhancing viewer experience.

Simultaneous Views

View both the content list and current schedule simultaneously while keeping track of the scheduled content effectively without having to go back and forth.

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