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Free content access for viewers

It's hard to beat free. Your viewers always want to watch something that's less demanding to find and stream. Unlike current OTT Platforms like Disney+, which has a lower-tier pricing plan that would include ads, you can launch a FAST channel that extends the offering of ad-supported video content, free of charge to anyone who wants to watch.

Stream scheduled content

FAST includes linear, scheduled programming, just like traditional television. With FAST channel service provider like Muvi Playout, your viewers can watch whatever is being streamed at that moment, unlike AVOD, where they get to pick the content they wish to stream.

Deliver content to larger audiences

FAST platforms host channels that deliver scheduled programming to a large group audience through connected devices instead of individual viewing sessions that produce inventory to serve the audience with personalized ads.


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Compatible across devices and browsers

With Muvi Playout, you don’t have to worry about the device or web browser you are using for the FAST streaming services. The ads you want to run between the videos you stream are compatible across all devices and browsers.

No revenue sharing

Keep 100% of what you earn through the Ads. Muvi Playout does not charge anything on your earnings on FAST streaming services. However, if you choose any other third-party ad servers, you might be required to pay a certain amount from the revenue generated.

Analytics and reporting

Assess the data such as content performance, devices used, and user drop-off rate, and understand your audience better with Muvi Playout’s analytics and reporting. Get detailed insights into your content performance and optimize your content.

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