Player Settings

Elevate your FAST TV Channel with Customizable Player Settings


Branding customization

With Player Settings, you can now easily add your own logo to the player, reinforcing your channel's identity and building brand recognition among viewers. Strengthen your brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your audience as they enjoy your premium content.

Watermark customization

Protect your valuable content with our customizable watermark feature. Add a watermark to your content to discourage unauthorized usage and ensure your content remains secure. Personalize the watermark by making it dynamic or static, allowing you to maintain visibility and ownership over your content.


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Domain restrictions for enhanced control

Safeguard your content from unauthorized access and control its distribution. Player Settings allows you to set up domain restrictions, permitting playback only on specific websites or applications that you authorize. This feature ensures that your content is accessible only through the channels you choose, reducing the risk of content piracy and maintaining exclusivity for your loyal viewers.

Seamless user experience

With Player Settings, Muvi Playout ensures a frictionless and delightful viewing journey for your audience. Custom branding, watermarking, and domain restrictions blend effortlessly into your streaming platform, providing a seamless and immersive user experience. Engage viewers with a consistent interface and uninterrupted content delivery, while improving customer satisfaction.

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