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Generate HLS links and live stream across platforms

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Generate HLS links with Muvi Playout's CMS and stream your playlist across players, devices and platforms. Muvi Playout enables you to generate HLS links for your playlist in just a few seconds. The generated HLS links can be used to stream video and audio content on your website and apps. Be it on Muvi or any third party player, you can use the HLS links to stream your content directly. 

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  • Generate HLS link from CMS
  • Notification via email and in the CMS
  • Easy Integration via API

Create Your Playlist

Generate HLS link from CMS


Use the “Generate HLS” button to create HLS links for every playlist, and  stream your content across websites and apps. With Muvi Playout, you can also manage the HLS feed directly from your CMS. Muvi Playout enables you to start and stop the HLS feeds as per your requirements.

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Generate HLS URL

Notifications via email and in the CMS

Get notified about the status of your HLS links right from the moment they are generated. Log in to Muvi Playout’s CMS and get notified about the ‘Active’ status of your HLS feeds. Muvi Playout is also designed to trigger emails to your inbox every 24 hours, notifying you about the ‘Active’ status of your HLS feeds.

Edit Playlist

Easy Integration via API


Generation of HLS links via Muvi Playout is also available over API. This makes integration with your player seamless and simple, requiring minimum support and development efforts.

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