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Build your own streaming app with Muvi Software Development Kit (SDK)

As a service integrator, you might come across many clients and leads who raise RFQs to develop an online streaming service. Building a streaming platform right from scratch would require ideation and construction of a detailed architecture of the platform environment. You would then have to program the platform features, segregate each module, integrate with third party tech providers for delivery and distribution by setting up a content delivery network (CDN), and a list of other to-dos.

While doing all of this you also need to ensure compatibility between content formats, secure distribution, support for the developing environment, integration of player, and many other ancillary tasks.

You think that’s all! Absolutely not. You are now yet to implement the most important aspect of the platform i.e. monetization model. What’s the use of all the content that your client has invested on if they can’t sell it! So, you need to create an environment that can accommodate a mix of monetization models (SVOD, TVOD, etc.) and host an effective payment engine to drive sell throughs realize payments.

If this’s not enough you also have to create a maintenance contract and ensure that the infrastructure is up and running, glitch-free, always. Now you can do the math and estimate how many resources you need to assign for each of these tasks and the time that you would require deploying each streaming service. Baffling, right!

Muvi makes this simpler for you with the launch of a Software Development Kit (SDK). Muvi SDK is a development kit rolled out for commercial usage. The kit can come quite handy for you or anyone with development capabilities – be it Muvi partners, 3rd party service integrators, individual developers, production companies,

The kit is a set of programming tools using which developers can create streaming apps for a specific platform. You can use Muvi SDK to build your own streaming service on your preferred device, be it on computer systems, video game consoles, mobile devices, etc. It is supported in multiple environments, so you can build apps for Android, iOS, and for web interface.

These apps are 100% native and your developer can download Muvi’s SDK from the app marketplace and build a native app for your streaming platform. You can create and publish the app for your end users to install and stream right away.

Using Muvi SDK, you will also be able to build custom applications and tailor the experience for your end users. So, platform owners would now have lesser dependency and can easily meet their customization needs.

The kit comes with a detailed documentation that makes the SDK self-explanatory and covers its entire scope of operations. So, developers can save ample amount of time by incorporating the programming tools in the SDK.

Using Muvi SDK, you can not only create a new app, but also upgrade your existing app. The kit is well-coded and flexible enough that integrates well with your existing platform and lets you incorporate new features to your app.

You can build your streaming app in multiple ecosystems from among web, iOS, and Android. Muvi offers and encourages Mobile Software Development Kit (Mobile SDK) because of the growing popularity of streaming on handheld devices among consumers. Mobile SDK aims to enhance the mobile app experience for both app developers and app users. The kit equips app developers to build high-performing mobile apps for smartphones and tablets to be published on Google Play and App Store.

The kit is a licensed product and is extremely secure. Muvi SDK requires you to identify your bundle, developer id, etc. Only then you can download a copy of the SDK which cannot be replicated or reproduced. You will have the developer rights to the copy, and this prevents any sort of misuse and piracy of the kit setup.

The kit is a handy way to gain autonomy of not just building your streaming service, but also running it. You need not jump straight into the development kit and bind yourself with unwelcome commitments. Muvi offers you a cloud-based sample application on which you can try the SDK and get hands-on experience of how it functions, and then get a license if it suits your requirement.

Try it now and start designing your own app.

Download iOS SDK
Download Android SDK

To learn more about Muvi SDK, click here.



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