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Create Custom Plans with Private Subscription and PPV Bundles 17 December 2021

Private Subscription and PPV Bundles



With Muvi it’s now possible to offer subscription plans at a different rate to some of your customers. Muvi’s feature-rich and robust online video platform now enables you to create and offer private plans for selected customers, which would not appear on your streaming platform alongside regular subscription plans. 


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Exclusive Features of Flex’s Online Video Player:


1. Create Private Subscription Plans

Want to create private subscriptions plans with different rates for exclusive customers in addition to your regular subscription plans? You can create private plans with a different amount using Muvi. You can follow the same process of creating a subscription plan, but you only have to set the visibility to ‘private’. Now, that’s an exclusive feature only possible with Muvi.


Use Case: Hartley used Muvi’s platform to design exclusive premium subscription plans for his few elite customers. He just logs into the CMS and changes the subscription plans for a few of his customers and makes it private ensuring other customers cannot view the plans. 


2. Create Private PPV Bundles

In addition to creating private subscription plans for exclusive customers, you could also create special PPV bundles by selecting content available on your platform and setting a pricing plan for the bundle. Also, you can hide the special bundle offers by keeping the PPV bundle to ‘private’.


Use Case: Ben’s music streaming platform has some special customers for which he has set private PPV bundles so that his viewers can enjoy good music.


3. Shareable Links

Rest assured that your exclusive plans for elite customers will remain private, away from the visibility of regular customers. This happens because private subscription and PPV bundles can only be purchased by the audience with the link. You can share the link anytime from your CMS and share it with selected users by email, WhatsApp, etc.



Use Case: Susan’s online video platform has a few elite customers and Ella is one of them. Susan shares a special link from Muvi’s CMS to Ella on her Whatsapp number for a PPV bundle specially designed for Ella so that she can watch premium content at ease.

Not limited to these features, Muvi’s Private Subscription & PPV Bundles features  can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Private Subscription & PPV Bundles to know more.


Yet to know more on Flex’s Online Video Player? Take a 14-day Free Trial of Muvi, now!

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