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Explore Competitive Video Solutions for Gamers with Muvi Flex

Ishita Banik Published on : 27 July 2022
video solutions for gamers


Be it a tutorial video on specific games or a gaming review video, the role of a compact video solution is imperative to ensure quality customer experience for your gaming video app/website. Good news for Muvi Flex customers – they can avail a range of competitive video solutions dedicated to the gamers to take their audience viewing experience to a whole new level. 

From simple content management to establishing better brand identity – you can accomplish these all easily with this solution of Muvi Flex. Let’s have a glance at what’s more this solution of Muvi Flex has to offer.


The Top Highlights of Muvi Flex’s Video Solutions for Gamers

Here we have listed out the key highlights of Muvi Flex’s video solutions for gamers.

Customizable Online Video Player

Muvi Flex, Muvi’s video hosting platform provider, is equipped with a highly customizable Online Video Player (OVP) that offers multiple solutions such as adding subtitles to your gaming videos, adding brand logos, watermarks and others. This not only helps in improving the viewers’ experience, but also lets you establish an impactful brand identity through your gaming videos.

Use Case

Asher, a Muvi Flex customer, wants to add his gaming brand logos to his upcoming videos. With this feature of Muvi Flex, he can easily do it through a few button clicks.

Video Quality Optimization

Muvi Flex comes with auto encoding and transcoding solutions that automatically optimizes your every gaming video. As a result, your viewers can have a seamless streaming experience with high video quality irrespective of their devices, screen sizes or network bandwidth. No doubt that it improves the overall audience experience substantially.

Use Case

Elio, a gaming video platform owner, wants to ensure that all his viewers get a high quality video streaming experience. Being a Muvi Flex customer, he won’t need to do anything as this solution will ensure that automatically.

Easy-to-Manage CMS

One of the key highlights of Muvi Flex’s gaming video solution is, it lets you easily access and execute the required tasks from its easy-to-manage CMS (Content Management System). Storing various gaming videos, creating playlists, modifying them and others – all you can do from a single dashboard without needing to code or go through any complex process.

Use Case

Muvi Flex customer Lucien wants to categorize his gaming video content library with description, tags, and thumbnails for easy searchability. All he will need to do is log in to the Muvi Flex dashboard and follow a few simple steps.

Seamless Content Delivery

Muvi Flex stands out from the crowd of other video hosting platform providers with this solution of seamless content delivery. Its in-built, customizable, and scalable CDN (Content Delivery Network) is powered by Amazon CloudFront CDN that detects the location of each of your customers to deliver the content from the nearest server to ensure seamless content delivery.

Use Case

Dion, the owner of a gaming video platform, wants to ensure seamless content delivery to his global audience. Being a Muvi Flex customer, this will be completely taken care of by this solution of Muvi Flex.

Easy Publishing on Social Media

It is important to boost your online presence and target the gaming enthusiasts on diverse social media to optimize the reach and profitability of your game streaming business. With Muvi Flex, you can easily explore this option through its easy social media publishing solution where you can share your gaming videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media through a few button clicks.

Use Case

Steffanie, a Muvi Flex customer, wants to share her latest gaming videos on various social media platforms. She can easily do it through a few button clicks after logging in to Muvi Flex dashboard.

Robust Security

Equipped with robust security features and solutions like multi-DRM security, watermarking, encryption, geo-blocking, VPN detection, firewall and others, Muvi Flex ensures optimum protection against unauthorized access, cyber threats, and digital infringements.

Use Case

Brayden, a Muvi Flex customer, wants to enable geo-blocking to restrict the access to his gaming video content from certain countries. With this solution of Muvi Flex, it will be a matter of a few minutes for him.


Not limited to these above highlights, Muvi Flex’s gaming video solutions have even more to offer. Check out our Video Solutions for Gamers Feature Page for more insights. If you are yet to try Muvi Flex, take a 14-day free trial today (no credit card needed).

Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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