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How does CDN deliver live streaming with ultra-low latency?

Lavanya Lanka Published on : 02 August 2021
Muvi Live CDN update


Today, more than half of the internet traffic is served by a content delivery network (CDN). The main objective of the CDN is to deliver content in the fastest possible time frame from the nearest server based on the customer’s geo-location that should load without any delay that is known as ‘latency’. Latency should be reduced in order to deliver the high quality video output by reducing the physical distance that the request has to travel.

For example, if a visitor from the US wishes to view content which originates at an UK-based server, they will experience a lag or poor load time if this request has to travel across the location.

If you have experienced the same as above, this article can help you understand how you can experience ultra-low latency using Muvi Live’s CDN.


AWS CloudFront CDN

Muvi Live helps you deliver content in real-time without compromising the quality of the live stream, with ultra-low latency. Built on AWS CloudFront CDN, which caches your live streaming across a global network of over 225+ points of presence in 90 cities across 47 countries, bringing it closer to viewers from every region. Muvi Live’s single management console lets you manage everything without the need for technical knowledge.

Use Case

Steve has trouble streaming globally, his customers/users complain of buffering and high latency issues. He started using the Muvi Live platform as it offers an in-built AWS CloudFront CDN that has the capability of caching multiple geographies. Thus, he saved a lot of money and delivered a better live streaming experience to his customers.


Architecture that supports multiple geographies

Muvi Live detects the geo-location where your end-users are accessing the content from and delivers it via AWS CDN live from node to server that is closest to the user. Thus, delivering high quality content with reduced latency. Muvi Live allows access to the content from the nearest server, which avoids buffering and high latency problems. This helps streaming platforms  to deliver their content faster with superior quality, resulting in a smoother user experience to their subscribers.

Use Case

Mark and Steve are friends who are living in different places in the same geography. They started watching the videos on same OTT platforms. Mark faced many buffering issues while consuming the live stream, whereas Steve is accessing it seamlessly.This probably happened because Steve was watching the live stream from his nearest server that Muvi Live had directed it to, where as, in the case with Mark, the streaming platform had higher latency owing to a single server. Mark eventually lost interest and decided to switch to another platform.


Consumption-based pricing

Muvi Live offers consumption-based pricing where customers only pay for what they have used for on the CDN. The pricing is based on per GB consumption rate, rather than a fixed pricing, giving you absolute control over your investments. 

Use Case:

Sammy consumed 300 GB from his regular 500 GB plan. With Muvi Live, he was charged only for ‘300 GB’ and not forced to pay for the remaining bandwidth that was left unused. Hence, he paid for what he consumed and thus saved a lot on bandwidth cost.


Bring your own CDN

Muvi Live is now compatible with all the industry leading third party CDNs. It gives you an option ‘Bring your own CDN’ to deliver the live stream at ultra-low latency. By integrating your CDN on Muvi Live, you can access the data from both the CDNs as you need. Thus, Muvi Live allows you to integrate the choice of your delivery network across the world without any hassles.

Use Case:

Peter shifted his live stream’s to Muvi Live and felt that he was comfortable with his own CDN. Muvi Live gives him the option to integrate his own CDN. 

With Muvi Live, he simply made a request for the same, and was able to in no time switch the delivery of the CDN Live streams to his own CDN and start delivering the content to his users. 


Muvi Live’s CDN and its ‘Bring your own CDN live’ feature is the new benchmark of Muvi Live. The above features are not limited, and there are more exciting features you explore on Muvi Live for your OTT business.

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Written by: Lavanya Lanka

Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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