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Keep Your Users Updated with UGC Revenue Share Report 04 February 2022

UGC Revenue Report


When it comes to monetization of the user content, it is important to keep them aware of the generated revenue. With the UGC (User Generated Content) revenue report feature of Muvi, you can come transparent in terms of the revenue generated through the user content and share the same with them to avoid any further confusion or complication. Let’s take a look at what this feature offers-


UGC Revenue Share Report- Top Highlights


1. Monetize UGC and Share Revenue

Now Muvi users can not only monetize the UGC content but also share the generated revenue with the respective users. All they need to do is-

Go to Muvi CMS → Set up the Revenue share percentage for the users

The users can start earning based on the percentage share set by you. You can also update/modify it as you want. This will help you easily keep track of the revenue generated as well as give clarity to the users.

Use Case

Muvi customer Jack owns an OTT store and wants to share 60% of the revenue generated from the UGC. He simply logs in to Muvi CMS and sets up the UGC revenue share percentage to 60 in a matter of a few seconds. At the same time, his users can also get well aware of their revenue percentage.


2. Build a Creators Community

Building a community of diverse creators is now easier than ever with this feature of muvi. It lets you easily build a community of the creators from various sectors/platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and others. So that they can share their ideas, can contribute with their content and add more values and variations to your content. This in turn will increase your revenue as well.

Use Case

Eva has a video monetization platform that allows users to contribute too. Now she wants to build a creative community with the video creators from diverse backgrounds. Being a Muvi customer, all she needs to do is create a community through a few button clicks from the dashboard!


3. Allow Users to Access Revenue Reports

It is pivotal to let your users know about the revenue generated from their content. With this feature, Muvi customers can get detailed revenue reports for the UGC content and also choose to share the same with the users.

Use Case

John, a Muvi customer, wants to share the UGC revenue report with the users of his streaming platform in order to have better clarity. He just needs to enable the revenue report sharing from the dashboard and the users will be able to access it from the front end!

Muvi’s UGC revenue share report feature has even more benefits that can improve the user experience as well as your revenue. You can read more about it in our UGC Revenue Report Feature Page.

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