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Muvi Flex Release: Managing Encoding Profiles of End-Users 28 May 2021

Managing Encoding Profiles


Driving enhanced workflow optimization and better control over your content, Muvi Server releases an exciting feature update- to manage encoding profiles of end-users. This feature would allow better customization of your video streaming platform by allowing you to personalize how your video content should be encoded, giving you the option of choosing the output formats, resolutions, and security of the content you want to deliver to the end-users.


Here are the list of features you could do with Managing Encoding Profiles:


  • Create Multiple Encoding Profiles– This feature allows you to set up more than one encoding profile in the CMS portal and set one profile as default enabling the video to automatically be encoded based on the default encoding profile. 

  • Customizable Video Encoding– Customization is our priority and this feature is no exception. The video encoding process can be customized according to your requirements from determining its formats, resolutions to DRM. you could also determine multiple resolution formats for a single encoded video.

  • Storage and Cost-effectiveness– Optimizing cost-effectiveness, with encoding profiles in place, you have full control over the content resolutions that are made available to the end-users. So, you can select your preferred resolutions and save the cost for storage and bandwidth.

  • Optimize User Experience– For better user experience, as an admin, you will be able to choose different resolutions for premium video content and other video content by creating a profile for each category.


For more details, check out our Manage Encoding Profiles Feature.

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