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Muvi Live Launches Brand New Feature: Recording Live Streams 28 May 2021

Muvi Live Update- Recording LIve Streams


Muvi Live adds another feather on its cap with its latest release- recording live streams. Using this feature, you can now record your live streams and convert them into standard on-demand content for later use, hence repurposing your live streams according to your requirement. Recordings can also be shared across social media platforms maximizing audience reach and engagement.  


Here’s an Exclusive Snapshot of What you Can do With Recording Live Streams:


  • Auto-Store Recordings– With Muvi Live, it’s now possible to auto-store recordings on 3rd party clouds. With the help of APIs, Muvi Live integrates seamlessly with 3rd party cloud drives enabling more flexible access to your recorded streams.

  • Repurpose Live Content as VoD– With the live video once recorded, it gets stored in the asset library in the CMS as VoD content. As an admin, you can download the video, preview and add it to your store on your live streaming platform. 

  • Record Multiple Live Streams– For a better user experience, Muvi Live lets you record multiple live video streams and sync video and audio from multiple cameras. 


  • Instant Access to Recordings For maximum optimization of your workflow, with Muvi Live, it is now possible to save the live recorded video/audio in the CMS as soon as the recording is completed. With this feature, you get the option of instant accessibility to all your recorded live streams.


For more details, check out our Record Live Streams Feature.

If  you are not live streaming with us yet, Sign Up with Muvi Live, now.

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