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Muvi Live enables you to record live streams and convert them into standard on-demand content. With the 'Record Live streams' feature, you get the ability to save on costs by archiving and reusing live streams as per your needs. The recorded live streams can be used to create promotional content, ads, podcasts, on-demand videos, promos, etc. which would lead to improved revenues and maximization of your profit. Recordings can also be shared across social media platforms thus improving audience reach and engagement.  With Muvi Live, you can broadcast 'once' and make your content is re-accessible by global audiences.

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  • Auto-store Recording in the Cloud
  • Download as On-demand Content
  • Record Multiple Streams Concurrently
  • Instant Access to Recordings

Auto-store recording in the Cloud

Auto-store Recordings in the Cloud

Muvi Live enables you to auto-store recordings on 3rd party clouds. Powered by APIs, Muvi Live integrates seamlessly with 3rd party cloud drives for more convenient and flexible access to your recorded streams.

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Download as On-demand content

Download as On-demand Content

Once the live streaming session is over, the recording is stored in the asset library in the CMS. As an admin, you can download the video, preview and add it to your store as an on-demand content on your streaming platform. You can also browse recording history and repurpose past live video recordings to create more visual assets.

Record multiple streams concurrently

Record Multiple Streams Concurrently

Muvi Live lets you record live streams and sync video and audio from multiple cameras. Save all recordings to dedicated folders in the asset library for later editing.

translate platform into RTL supported language
translate platform into RTL supported language

Instant access to recordings

Instant Access to Recordings

With Muvi Live, the recorded video/audio stream will be saved in the CMS as soon as the recording is ended, thus providing you with instant access to all your recorded live streams.

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