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Muvi’s New Ad Supported Subscription Plans Lend More Flexibility to your Audio/Video Platform 21 January 2022

Muvi Ad supported subscription plans


As an online video/audio  platform owner, you can also offer ad-supported subscription plans to your subscribers in addition to using the well established monetization models like subscriptions, PPV or advertisements with Muvi. With Muvi as your video platform provider, you can charge your audience a small monthly fee for running ads between your content and/or charge your audience a higher subscription amount that doesn’t stream ads between your content for another plan. Sounds interesting? 


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Exclusive Features of Ad-Supported Subscription Plans:



  • Create Ad-supported Subscription Plans


Creating an ad-supported subscription plan is easy with Muvi. All you have to do is simply create a rule in the policy engine and choose whether you want to display ads or not for the rule. It’s that simple!


Use Case: You want to create an ad-based subscription plan of $5 for your end-user Judy. You just have to go to the CMS and create a rule in the policy engine and choose the option of displaying ads for Judy. Based on the rule attached to the subscription plan, Judy will now stream your content for paying $5 a month.


  • Recurring Payments on an Automated Basis


Muvi has an automated recurring payment system which ensures your end-users are charged recurrently every month automatically without your manual intervention based on the plan validity. Your users will be charged on a regular basis until they cancel their subscription.

Use Case: Your end-user Ben has subscribed to a $12 monthly plan on your video streaming app for watching content without ads. Ben is automatically charged $12 at the end of the billing cycle without your manual intervention and $12 is debited from his account, on a recurrent basis.


  • Zero Revenue Sharing


As a customer of Muvi, you are not required to share any amount of revenue. Muvi does not take any revenue share from your subscriptions nor from the ads. 


Use Case: You have subscribed to Muvi Ads, our ad server. After your subscription, the amount of revenue you get from running ads on your content is solely yours. Muvi does not take any revenue share. You get 100% revenue share.


Not limited to these features, Muvi’s Ad-supported subscription plans  feature can deliver much more possibilities. Please check out our feature page Ad-supported subscription plans to know more.



Impressed with our ad-supported subscription plan feature? Take our 14-days Free Trial and check out over 500+ Enterprise-Grade features that empower you to launch industry leading OTT Platforms in 1-click!  No coding required!


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Sreejata Basu
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