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Muvi studio hauls in Watermarking – Let’s beat ‘em pirates! 04 February 2016

enable Watermarking across your videos

As a video streaming platform owner, we are aware of the challenges and concerns you have with regards to your videos’ access, security and piracy. This is why Muvi takes utmost care in ensuring that technologically there are no gaps or leakages in our platform that will allow any unauthorized access to your videos. Muvi Studio boasts of top most security in both hardware and software including Firewalls, Encryption, DRM etc. to fend off pirates.

While speaking to all of you, we heard a common concern – how can we prevent screen capture software or recording off the screen using cameras?

Muvi today is happy to announce the launch of our Watermarking feature that tries to address this very problem. With watermarking enabled onto your accounts, whenever a video is played by your viewers, Muvi will discreetly display the users Id and IP address on the video player during video playback at random locations and random time intervals. This will be done in a non-intrusive manner, so that it doesn’t compromise the viewers video viewing experience.

With this feature, we take one step closer in making it difficult for someone to copy the videos illegally.

So go ahead and login to your account to enable Watermarking across your videos and let’s defeat video piracy together!

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