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Zoom and Online Meetings Integration with Muvi 03 December 2020

Zoom and Online Meeting Integration with Muvi


Comprehending the need for remote workers to stream online meetings, Muvi now integrates with Zoom for seamless hosting of virtual meetings, conferences on your website and apps. With this latest development, it is now possible for Muvi customers to integrate online video conferencing solutions such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to your website and mobile applications.


Let’s take an exclusive sneak peek into the features of Muvi + Zoom and other Online meeting software Integration:


  • Integration with online meeting platforms via API and WebhooksMuvi integrates seamlessly with Zoom and other online meeting software through API and Webhooks, giving you the flexibility to create meetings directly via Muvi’s platform. 


  • Multiple Inbuilt Monetization Methods– Muvi enables you to monetize your online meetings to earn revenues from your sessions. You can charge your attendees using various monetization methods such as Pay per view, Subscription and Pay per bundle.  Muvi links your website and app to 25+ inbuilt payment gateways and 4+carrier billing providers.


  • Real-time Analytics–  With Muvi, it’s easy to track user engagement through real-time analytics. You can generate detailed reports via Muvi’s inbuilt analytics and find out more about your audience behavior.

For more details, check out Zoom and Online Meetings Integration.

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