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Simplify User On-boarding

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On-boarding users to your platform should be comfortable and a convenient process for the end user. The number of clicks and time required by a user to open your app, register using their details, create credentials, and login are important factors that define the experience of your app. With Muvi, you can ease the registration and sign-in process and create a better accessibility experience for your subscribers.


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  • Social Media Authenticator
  • Enable/Disable Login
  • Free Content Login
  • Email Verification
  • Custom Registration Form

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Social Media Authenticator

Muvi lets you configure one-click login by implementing Google or Facebook authenticator on the sign-in page. Users do not have to go through the pain of entering every required field and can use their social network credentials instead, and login with just one click.

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Enable/Disable Login


Platform owners can allow admins to enable and/or disable login for certain users. They can set child lock or guest user restrictions on their account to regulate usage.

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Free Content Login

You can also configure a login form for free content on your streaming platform. A user who may not necessarily be a paid subscriber can avail content on your platform that’s being offered for free. But you can put such users through mandatory sign up fields and retrieve valuable user data.

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Email Verification


You can configure single-factor or multi-factor verification algorithms on your login page to authenticate the legitimacy of your user. Muvi supports verification via email on the user’s registered user id and enhances account security.


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Add Custom Fields

As a platform owner, you can add your own fields on the registration form. If you think standard fields are not enough to verify your consumer’s authenticity, you may include fields such as Social Security Number, security questions, etc.

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