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Configure Watch Reminder for Upcoming Content

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So little time, but so much to watch! Life is too busy, busy enough to forget to tune into one’s favorite content. Muvi allows users to configure a reminder for getting notified of the upcoming game of Super Bowl or the upcoming episode of GoT that’s due for release an hour later.

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  • VOD Reminder
  • Pre-order Reminder
  • Live Streaming Reminder
  • Supports Multiple Device

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VOD Reminder

Users can set a reminder for multi-part or single-part on-demand content. An episode wise notification can be triggered when it’s due for release. A reminder can also be set for the new release(s) on your streaming site.

Video Monetization

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Pre-order Reminder


If you offer premium or blockbuster content on your platform, it would be a good idea to enable pre-order to advance your cash flow. In such a case, you can let users configure reminders ahead of its release.


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Live Streaming Reminder

Live sports are a big sensation in any country. This’s when viewership is at its maximum, and a huge chunk of sports followers tune in to watch the game, in multiple mediums. If your streaming service offers live content too, it would always help to trigger a reminder 30 minutes ahead of the game; so that more viewers can switch to your platform than any other medium.

Video Monetization

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Support Multiple Device


Reminders can be set on all devices, be it mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, or television. The notification can be configured on any of the apps and it can be triggered either on your app as a push notification, or an SMS on your registered number or an email on your registered email id.



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