Live Streaming Latency: A Glass to Glass Analysis

The term “Real-time live streaming” is a hot topic in the broadcasting industry and often is a bone of contention between the enablers and the broadcasters. That few seconds of latency during a soccer match can be a real excitement-killer if there is a variation in the concurrent live streams received by the viewing devices. 

Latency in live video is not an unconquerable problem. But multiple factors play a part and need to be considered to reduce latency even by 1-2 seconds. 

In this whitepaper, you will learn 

  • Factors that cause live video latency
  • Which step adds to how much latency in the end-to-end live streaming workflow 
  • Exclusive findings of a latency test conducted by AWS, the cloud partner of Muvi. 
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Importance of User Types in a Streaming Platform’s Success

In this webinar, you will learn :

  • Different types of users in the streaming platform and their behaviors
  • Way to set up the best monetization strategy for different type of users by meeting their needs
  • Possible marketing options to cover these users and increase revenue

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