ROI Calculator

Calculate projected revenue and expense for your audio/video platform

Storage cost is calculated from this


Avg hours on Netflix is 40, on TV is 12
Rough % growth in subscribers year after year

Projected Revenue and Expense

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Projected Revenue$10000$10000$10000$10000
Projected IT Expense$10000$10000$10000$10000

How it's calculated

  • Revenue

    Numbers of subscribers * Subscription Fee per Month

  • Expense

    Platform Fee + Infrastructure (Storage and Bandwidth) Fee

  • Storage

    Media duration (in hours) * Total Size for all Resolutions

  • Bandwidth

    Average Viewing hours * Numbers of Viewers * Average Bandwidth per Resolution

Above is an estimated revenue and cost.

There are several factors that contribute to the actual revenue and cost Including content, marketing and user behavior


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