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Launch video streaming service in UAE without coding or IT expertise – all within a few hours.

UAE Data Compliances
CCAvenue, PayPal and Stripe Integration
RTL Support




Launch Streaming Service In UAE with Muvi Ecosystem

Data Compliances

Ensure your OTT platform in UAE complies with media and broadcasting regulations, giving your users peace of mind and protecting you from legal risks.

ISO Compliance
Local Data Residency
Robust Security

Payment Integrations

Offer your viewers a smooth and convenient payment experience with diverse payment integration options using trusted payment gateways.

Integrate with Stripe, PayPal, etc.
Carrier Billing


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Single ecosystem for everything you need Secure and Scalable Infrastructure
No Coding. No IT teams

Launch On-Demand/ Streaming Platform

  • Deliver on-demand content in any language with RTL subtitle support similar to prominent platforms like OSN, Shahid Plus, and StarzPlay to maximize reach.
  • Restrict content access based on user location, complying with regional licensing agreements and content distribution rights.
  • Offer diverse monetization options like PPV, customize the user experience with a brand-specific player, and ensure content security with a built-in Digital Rights Management system compliant with UAE's Data Protection Law.
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Live Stream Events & Conduct Meetings

Muvi Live offers secure live streaming services in UAE, ensuring that your content is protected from unauthorized access.

Two-way live meetings allow interactive sessions, perfect for educational purposes, business meetings, and live events. Host live Q&A sessions with viewers, conduct online classes, or hold virtual meetings to connect with remote teams instantly.

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Media Management and Distribution

  • Streamline your media workflows with Muvi Flex with efficient bulk upload capabilities. manage content seamlessly with social publishing, multi-DRM support, and regional compliance.
  • Ensure smooth content delivery across the UAE with Built-in CDN support, monetize through VMAP ads, and cater to Arabic audiences with the content in their native language or add Arabic subtitles for a seamless viewing experience.
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Cloud-based Linear TV and FAST Channels

  • Launch and manage your own linear TV channels or FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels, offering viewers a traditional television experience with the convenience of streaming.
  • Create and manage online radio channels and podcasts from a single CMS, ensuring seamless broadcast services in UAE along regulatory compliance, content licensing, and effortless streaming for engaging listener experiences.
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