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Simplify Employee Onboarding and Training Using Corporate LMS 03 March 2023

  Employee onboarding and training is an essential aspect for organizations, as a lot depends on this process. From training the newly joined employees, informing them about the company culture, rules, and regulations, to gelling them with their teammates, you simply cannot afford any mistakes in employee onboarding. Nowadays, many companies use Corporate LMS for …

How To Develop Your Own LMS Platform Using MUVI? 21 October 2022

  In the modern era of education, Learning Management Systems have become a basic necessity. Whether it is digital learning or classroom learning, LMS has its own advantages in both scenarios. And this escalation of LMS is not limited to the education field only. Recent statistics say that 98% of the large companies in the …

How to Launch and Manage your eLearning Platform 27 May 2020

  Hello folks! We are back with another interesting Whiteboard Wednesday blog to hone your streaming skills while you stay at home during this global lockdown. Since the inception of the pandemic, schools and colleges have been shut down and students have now embraced online education or eLearning more than ever. This blog will give …

Top 5 Features that make an eLearning Platform Interactive 13 May 2019

Interactivity in eLearning can work wonders, far beyond your imagination. The higher is the scope of interactivity in online education, the more it motivates the learners towards critical thinking and holistic learning. It has been observed that online learners engage better on an interactive eLearning platform, and build an environment suitable for active learning. eLearning …

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