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How Educational Institutions Can Enter The E-Learning Business With Muvi One? 11 November 2022

  In this digital world, even education is becoming more and more digitized. From digital classrooms to digital learning or eLearning, modern-day education is very dynamic. There are many reasons for the overwhelming popularity of eLearning, but one of the most significant ones is its reduced dependence on educational institutions.  Many students prefer eLearning because …

Store Unlimited Videos for Your eLearning Platform with Muvi Flex 01 November 2022

  eLearning is not new in the education industry. Online education has heightened demand in schools, colleges, and universities to convey advanced learning solutions to students via eLearning platforms. Application of digital platforms for learning is a rapidly changing educational system. Traditional education system is slowly going down due to high-speed internet and advancement in …

Top 5 live streaming classroom platforms 01 October 2021

An aberration of the conventional schooling system in the wake of pandemic-driven lockdown led to the subsequent rethinking of the various strategies by educational institutions and landed them into adopting initiatives such as digital classrooms. While they slowly migrated the curriculum to online classrooms, they kept innovating to ensure  better quality education to their students …

How to build an e-learning streaming platform? 30 September 2021

  With the ongoing pandemic, several industries have been going through major transformations to work around the various restrictions. The education sector too saw digital transformation as it moved from conventional books to technological learning, specifically through interactive videos. The significant benefit of the online e-learning video streaming services is that they improve and enhance …

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