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Amazon’s NFL Thursday Night Football streaming win accelerates its live sports strategy 11 May 2017

Amazon beat Twitter on a deal to obtain streaming rights for 10 of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games for the 2017 season, which is indicative of how valuable the Company considers offering live sports. Amazon reportedly paid $50 million … Continue reading

New OTT TV Gets Pricier 27 March 2015

New over-the-top TV services may endure higher costs, which may raise costs for consumers — especially when considering packages including major over-the-air broadcasting networks and their associated cable networks. MoffettNathanson Research says the combined cost for most new OTT Free-To-Air … Continue reading

Americans quickly abandoning regular TV as streaming goes mainstream, claim MoffetNathanson and Nielsen 16 March 2015

Traditional television viewing is declining faster than ever as video streaming services become a mainstream feature in American homes, according to new research by Nielsen. Adults watched an average of four hours and 51 minutes of live TV each week … Continue reading

2015 will mark the beginning of the end of cable TV, says MoffetNathanson 26 February 2015

A new report from MoffettNathanson today might say it’s about cord-cutting, but it seems it’s really about the revived strength of the housing market. “Consumer Segmentation: #ott Video Buyers”  that concludes 17% of current broadband subscribers in the U.S. will … Continue reading