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notTV focuses on positive content

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 24 July,2017

A new OTT start-up community based, video streaming service is being started in Kelowna. It being a cooperative platform meaning the money that the Company makes, goes directly to the artists. notTV will let viewers to personalize what they watch, almost like a music playlist. It will look like Netflix, however it will let you …


Increasing number of people in Spain watch OTT series online

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 21 July,2017

According to Kantar Media, one in two Spanish people that have internet access, watch series via online and (over-the-top) OTT platforms. With the growth of streaming and changing viewing habits around the world, Spain is following the global trend and international video-on-demand leaders as streaming continues growing and changing viewing habits around the world. International …


Number of U.S TV Homes with multiple SVODs continues to grow

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 21 July,2017

A continued growth has been seen in Multiple subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services in U.S TV homes. According to a recent study, 38% of TV homes subscribe to 2 or more major subscription VOD services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Those that have a subscription to all three platforms have more than doubled the percentage of …


Subscription video-on-demand on the rise in MENA

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 19 July,2017

According to Digital TV Research, revenues from Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is estimated to reach US$ 1.23 billion by 2022 which is up from almost  US$1 billion in 2016. It also estimates that 17.27 million homes will have SVOD by 2022. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Icflix, Starz Play, …


Netflix breaks records as it hits the 100MN member milestone

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 19 July,2017

The Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) giant, Netflix now has a global subscriber base of 103.95 million, with non-US subscribers in majority. According to the Q2 stats released by Netflix, global net additions totalled a record 5.2 million compared to the forecasted number which was two million fewer subs. This accounted for a 5% increase and for …


Netflix expected to grow with strong numbers projected in Q2

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 17 July,2017

According to UBS Securities media analyst Doug Mitchelson and Morgan Stanley media maven Ben Swinburne, Netflix’s domestic subscriber growth is expected to grow by 600,000 more additions in Q2. Netflix is expected to add 600,000 domestic and 2.6 million subscribers in the quarter. This growth momentum is expected to continue to rise by 640,000 with …


US broadband households subscribing to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu on the rise

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 14 July,2017

Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services are rapidly growing in the US according to Parks Associates that reveals that 59% of US broadband households subscribe to Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. According to the analyst’s OTT Video Market Tracker, only 6% of US broadband households subscribe to offerings other than the top three, only 3% subscribe to one …


Half of US households watch OTT on TV

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 13 July,2017

As per the latest research findings from market research and consulting company Parks Associates, more than 50% of US broadband households watch Internet video on a television screen. The following are the highlights of findings of the research: 88% of computer-based viewing is from non-linear sources. 72% of non-pay-TV subscribers subscribe to an OTT video …


5 benefits of Video on Demand over Traditional TV

By: anita | Leave a comment | 11 July,2017

Are you old enough to recall those days when you had to adjust your schedule around your favorite TV programs and movies? Or those times when you had to rent out a movie VCR from the local video store and had to make a mental note to return it on the due date failing which …


Telenor: Netflix accounts for 22% of broadband traffic

By: superadmin | Leave a comment | 10 July,2017

Telenor which is a Norway-based telco has unveiled that Netflix accounts for 22% of all traffic on its broadband network. 70% of broadband network traffic overall was attributed to video. Also, the fact that Netflix recently took over YouTube and other services under the Google umbrella were factors that contributed to high traffic on its …

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