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The internet’s biggest TV pirate calls it quits after scam 20 May 2015

If you enjoy getting the latest TV shows new on VOD  from EZTV, you may want to stop that now, and not just because it’s illegal. It’s also more risky, because the hugely popular torrent site is now in the … Continue reading

Four Ways YouTube And Netflix Will Transform Television 18 May 2015

You hear a lot lately about how much YouTube and Netflix compete more and more directly with television, and even want to become more like the iconic medium. And there’s more than a little truth to that, not least because TV … Continue reading

Using Analytics To Predict The Future Of TV Content And Distribution 11 May 2015

There are three major sets of events that happened recently, which together help predict the future of TV content and distribution: A move towards à la carte: The attempt of distributors to shake up the price and structure of the … Continue reading

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange To Appear In Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist?’ 29 April 2015

Doctor Strange will reportedly appear in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix show, “Iron Fist.” While its uncertain whether the Sorcerer Supreme will be played by Benedict Cumberbatch as he is in the upcoming movie slated for next year, or will just be … Continue reading

Soon Netflix will actually own its original shows 28 April 2015

One thing that many avid Netflix viewers might not realize is that despite many shows being branded as “Netflix Originals”, such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the streaming media company actually doesn’t own these shows. … Continue reading

Netflix Viewing Rises, Impacts Traditional TV Trends 24 April 2015

Netflix continues to have a major impact on TV viewing — its viewing hours, in relation to traditional TV viewing, are now double the number of a year ago. There were 10 billion hours streamed from Netflix’s movie library, against … Continue reading