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Secure Your Meetings With Password Protection [Infographic] 11 September 2023

Online meetings have become the new normal. Unwanted participants and interruptions can make it cumbersome. That is where password protection can help.    Muvi Live Meetings lets you customize your meeting password, instead of generating a random computer-generated password. The … Continue reading

Secure Access To Your Live Meetings With Customized Meeting Passwords 29 August 2023

In today’s digital workspace, online meetings are quite frequent. The meeting holders often discuss sensitive information and share essential business data during these meetings. That is why, they often want to keep them exclusive, so that only specific individuals can … Continue reading

All You Need to Know about Password Protected Live Streaming 04 July 2023

  Many a times users want to monetize their live streams or would like to keep them private and restricted, in either case password protecting the stream becomes important as a streamer will share the password with only those users … Continue reading